Morris Environmental & Groundwater Alliances

About Us

Morris Environmental & Groundwater Alliances (MEGA) provides expertise in the fields of environmental, soil and water science.

The MEGA Scientists each have over 25 years experience and are regarded as leaders in their field. Where needed, we form project teams consisting of people that have common technical and social objectives. This approach enables us to bring together the appropriate mix of expertise and skills for a particular project.

Since its formation, MEGA has established working relationships with an extensive network of scientists and engineers. We have found that working in alliance with other specialist consultants to be the best model for providing multi-disciplinary teams, not only with a high level of expertise, but also the right expertise – customised teams designed specifically to meet project needs. We are service and solution driven.

“It is our philosophy to work with our clients to provide innovative, practical and cost effective solutions, which promotes environmental and groundwater resource sustainability and ensure compliance with current and expected South African legislation. We work in partnership with our clients and capacity building and skills transfer are therefore important cornerstones in our work. MEGA prides itself in being innovative, yet practical in its approach.”

MEGA provides expertise and services that range from broad environmental management issues to specialist services in soil and groundwater resource management, assessment and remediation to manage the inter-relationships between the surface and sub-surface environments.

We also have well-developed skills in facilitation, training and stakeholder communication.

Services offered include:

Environmental Services

  • Environmental Management Systems (ISO14001)
  • Environmental Management Software
  • Hazard ranking of environmental liabilities
  • Contaminated site / land assessments
  • Due diligence and acquisition auditing
  • Environmental Audits
  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Strategic environmental planning and assessment
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Development of environmental policies and management guidelines
  • Utilisation and development plans for coastal and estuarine areas
  • Peer review and expert witness for environmental issues
  • Environmental Data Management

Soil & Groundwater Services

  • Hydrogeological surveys for groundwater resource development
  • Supervision of borehole drilling and test pumping programmes
  • Groundwater management and monitoring
  • Groundwater protection
  • Hydrocarbon contamination management
  • Remediation, management and monitoring of contaminated sites / land

Photographic services

Environmental and Industrial

Both Ritchie and Mary-Jane are trained photographers. The photographic recording of environmental issues, particularly for audits, site assessment and industrial situations, is seen as an important aspect of their service.

Too often is there no ‘visual’ recording of a site’s history. A photographic record forms a valuable historical record of the status quo in time and how environmental circumstances may change.

It can be used for environmental impact assessment and industrial environmental liability risk control.